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About 2x2 Foundation & Nick Palazzo
"He sent them two-by-two ahead of Him to every town and place He was about to visit." (Luke 10:1)

Our mission is to provide athletic and education opportunities to underserved communities while supporting the discovery of Jesus. We exist to support our children's health, development and wellness through sport, fitness, education and the Christian faith. We execute our mission by providing support in the form of scholarships, facility upgrades, after-school activities, sporting events, sport leagues, instructional camps and educational experiences. We have a focus on girls youth sports, but also provide support to boys youth sports. We believe there is no more powerful formula than sport combined with love, hope and faith.

The 2x2 Foundation was founded by Nick Palazzo, a former collegiate athlete and current sports and technology entrepeneur. The cornerstones of Nick Palazzo's life have been faith, family and sport. Nick Palazzo and his family are focused on providing opportunities to our nation's youth to foster a transformational impact using this powerful combination. The 2x2 Foundation is also focused on honoring coaches, teachers, pastors and other youth influencers for their contributions and sacrifices.

The 2x2 Foundation believes that when two individuals work together, they can accomplish great things and make a dramatic impact. 2x2 Foundation was developed after work with a High School in Hackensack, New Jersey and Nick Palazzo's High School in Northeast Ohio where the weight rooms were refurbished for use by all students to foster fitness, sports participation and community. The 2x2 Foundation is currently focused on activities in the follwing metropolitan areas: San Francisco Bay Area, Greater New York Area and Northeast Ohio.

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